San Diego Royal Aces♠️


The Royal Aces Motorcycle Club was established in May of 1988. It was formed when a group of young men hanging out at the 45th street park wanted to ride from point A to point B in an organized safe manner. Dray, Boss, Tuan, Jody and others road to Los Angeles and obtained permission from the Mother Chapter. The San Diego Chapter of the Royal Aces were born from this union. We ride to have a good time and our mission is still to get from point A to point B safely and have a great time. Gucci, the junior member of the club back then serves as an Advisor to this chapter now.

P-Fox P-Fox
Ulisses Palafox aka P-Fox
Rodney Palode Rodney Palode
Rodney Palode aka Toolman
J.M. Jones J.M. Jones
J.M. Jones aka Goldie
Herbert Johnson Herbert Johnson
Herbert Johnson aka Swurv
Eric Gibbons Eric Gibbons
Philly Wood
EricGibbons aka PhillyWood